About us

We are a modern version of Management Consulting firms. We call ourselves an Empowerment Consulting Firm.

Steep has a human size with 60 motivated direct contributors and hundreds of talented consultants ready to step-in.
We are part of a strategic Ecosystem named the Positive Thinking Company; a Tech group of 3.000 collaborators worldwide operating under 10 different brands and verticals.

Our Vision

At Steep, we link three themes together: Resilience, Human Centricity & Pragmatism.

We believe any company can become (more) resilient, so that it has a sustainable impact on people and society.

This translates into our specific approach to define, fine-tune, and embed vision into pragmatic operating models to help our clients to reach their immediate and long-lasting goals.

We base this human centred approach on our learnings acquired overtime while delivering small and large size projects/programmes in the field.

Tristan Dumont de Chassart
Managing Partner

Our end-to-end global ecosystem

Steep is part of a larger ecosystem: Positive Thinking Company. It's a global tech group that delivers end-to-end solutions through a global delivery model.

While our group is inspired by technology to make our lives better, Steep addresses their business challenges.

We love to underline that this integrated ecosystem gives us a competitive edge in end-to-end project implementations.

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Our Values

Would you make the world a more resilient place?

Steep is known to translate clients’ ambitions into efficient operations and effective results.
With an Employer Net Promoter Score (ENPS) of 7 in 2020, we are proud to create great employee and client journeys. Any contributor makes the difference.

  • Human Centricity

    Human is our most important asset. We feel personally responsible to create the most favourable environment for collective impact and for personnel evolution.
  • Empowerment

    We are an empowerment consulting company. We seek for organising the best operations and to translate vision into the most inspiring initiatives. The talent is inside you!
  • Excitement

    We seek to deliver awesome experiences for our employees and customers.
  • Intrapreneurship

    We count on everyone to accomplish what they deeply want. We are a fertile ground for initiatives and to incubate innovation.
  • Sustainability

    We believe there is no minute left to waste to master our future and we do everything possible to nurture change and innovation to have a sustainable impact on people and society
  • Authenticity

    Come as you are, we believe that we can unlock the best of you. Our people are authentic, and our best clients share this as well.
  • Growth

    We want to create dynamics around growth. Growth of happiness, growth of customer satisfaction, growth of impact or of positive market share.

We care.

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives is part of our collaborative performance approach: defining a common project while respecting the ambitions and dreams of each one.

True to the values of our ecosystem, it brings together the initiatives of our coworkers and the guidelines of our management, contributing together to sustainable development.

We hope to increase our positive impact on our sphere of influence and we invite all our coworkers, customers and suppliers to join us.

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